V2 Consult delivers products and services for the railway industry in the BENELUX. Besides a wide range of products for workshops and depots for train, tram and metro, we perform maintenance and inspection of track infrastructure. Our clients can count on a personal and professional approach of their projects.

V2 Consult delivers installs and maintains equipment for train tram and metro workshops


V2 Consult delivers, installs and maintains equipment for train, tram and metro workshops and depots: lifting jacks, sand filling systems, lathes, platforms, measurement equipment, turning tables, shunting vehicles,…

V2 Consult maintenance and inspection services train tram metro


V2 Consult delivers maintenance and inspection services for train, tram and metro tracks: grinding and re-profiling of rails, ultrasonic and eddy current testing, measurement and inspection of track geometry and wear,…


V2 consult lifting jacks and lifting tables for the railway sector

Lifting jacks and lifting tables

We deliver, install and maintain lifting jacks and lifting tables with a capacity from 6 tons to 50 tons. These lifting devices are available in different configurations: with a fixed or mobile anvil, fixed or movable (with or without rails), … Please contact us for the different possibilities. more…

we install and maintain lifting jacks and lifting tables
V2 consult fixed and mobile sand filling systems for trains

Sand filling installations

We deliver, install and maintain fixed and mobile sand filling systems for trains, trams and metros. more…

V2 Consult bogie handling and testing railways

Bogie handling and testing

We deliver, install and maintain different installations for bogie handling and testing (bogie drop, test, lifting and turning, false bogie,…). This equipment is customized according to our client’s specifications. Please contact us for the different possibilities. more…

we maintain installations for bogie handling we deliver and install installations for bogie handling and testing bogie drop lifting and turning false bogie equipment
V2 consult motorized and non-motorized railways turntables


We deliver and install motorized and non-motorized turntables coming in different dimensions for both standard gauge and meter gauge. more…

motorized and non-motorized railways turntables
V2 Consult lathes for the railway industry


We deliver, install and maintain solutions for machining wheels, axles, brakes or complete wheelsets (underfloor or portal), vertical lathes, grinding machines, axle treatment, …
Please contact us for the full range of possibilities. more…

lathes for the railway industry
V2 Consult work platforms for trains trams and metros

Work platforms

We design, deliver and install work platforms for roof, frontal or lateral access to trains, trams and metros. Rolling stock maintenance can thus be performed under safe working conditions and according to the latest applicable standards. more…

work platforms for trains trams and metros
V2 Consult measurement and inspection systems of rail vehicles

Measurement and inspection systems

We offer a full range of measurement and inspection devices to determine vehicle geometry (wheel profile, wheel diameter, wheel gauge, brake disk thickness,…) and track geometry/wear (rail profile, track gauge, cant, twist, inclination, horizontal and vertical wear, roughness, rail corrugation,…). more…

For most parameters, we have both manual (portable) and automated measurement equipment. The latter are mounted in the track or (measurement) vehicle.
Please contact us with your particular requirements.
measurement and inspection systems of rail vehicles measurement and inspection devices for vehicle geometry

2 rail-way shunting vehicles (NMBS - Merelbeke)

Shunting vehicles

We deliver and maintain small and larger shunting vehicles with pull forces up to 1200 tons. These shunting vehicles can be electrical, diesel or hybrid and are track bounded or rail-road configured. Please contact us to help you select the appropriate vehicle. more…

electrical diesel or hybrid shunting vehicles shunting vehicles are track bounded or rail-road configured


V2 Consult grinding and re-profiling of rails

Grinding and re-profiling of rails

Grinding and reprofiling of rails and turnouts eliminates surface defects such as corrugation and correct wear of the rail section. This results in an increase in the service life of the rail infrastructure. Besides sharpening also has a beneficial effect to the environment (reducing vibration and noise) and it increases passenger comfort. more…

We work with different grinding trains from 12 to 96 grinding wheels which we have a solution tailored to each network, HSL to tram and metro network.
grinding and re-profiling of rails and switches and points eliminate surface defects grinding and re-profiling of rails and switches for high speed to tram and metro

V2 Consult inspection of track infrastructure

Inspection of track infrastructure

We provide ultrasonic and eddy current testing of rails by means of integrated measuring vehicles or with the aid of manual devices. Inspections carried out according to the UIC code 712 and UCI code 725. This involves rail defects such as head checks, squats, golf wear and many other detected. more…

ultrasonic and eddy current inspection of rails using integrated inspection and measurement vehicles inspection of track infrastructure

In addition to the conventional inspection techniques, we have inspection by means of cameras with automated machine vision software, to detect missing fasteners, to detect cracks in sleepers, etc.

For each defect or flaw, we can offer an adequate inspection technique.

V2 Consult measuring instruments for the geometry of vehicles


We have a complete range of measuring instruments for measuring the geometry of vehicles (wheel profile, wheel diameter, spear size, …) and the geometry and wear of tracks (rail profile, track gauge, cant, distortion, slope, straightness, vertical and horizontal sleet, elevation, roughness …). more…

For most of the parameters we have both manual (portable) and automated measuring devices which are built into a (measurement) vehicle, or be built into the track.
measuring instruments for the geometry of vehicles
V2 Consult track stopper machines for tamping tracks


We work with track stopper machines that lights the track, straightening and tamping. more…

track stopper machines for tamping tracks
The services and products offered by V2 Consult

We work with the most reliable and reputable suppliers and service providers with a proven track record.

With more than 20 years of international experience, approximately 40 employees, a representative office in China and a section in USA, and local agents in more than 50 countries, Greenwood Engineering is now a leading manufacturer of highly specialized measuring equipment for monitoring and condition surveys in the global road and railway sector.

Greenwood engineering supplier V2 Consult

Greenwood Engineering

KLD Labs, Inc. is located in Hauppauge, one hour east of New York City on beautiful Long Island. Established over 25 years ago, KLD started as a small family business that has risen to become one of the leading suppliers of real time machine vision and data acquisition solutions for the Transportation and Industrial sectors. KLD have currently over 400 systems deployed in 32 countries.

KLD Labs supplier V2 Consult

KLD Labs Inc

NITEQ is specialized in the design and supply of railway transport equipment: Railcar moving and spotting systems, such as shunters, locomotives, steelrope winch systems and systems moving on rails for industrial environments. NITEQ has started in 1991 and is based in The Netherlands.

Niteq supplier V2 Consult


DANOBAT, part of the Danobatgroup, is since 60 years a leading global solution supplier for the manufacturing and maintenance of railway rolling stock components. DANOBAT machines provide comprehensive solutions to all manufacturing processes of rolling stock parts such as the axle, the wheel, the wheelset and the bogie, as well as complete service for preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance of railway rolling-stock.

Danobat Group Railways supplier V2 Consult


Bertolotti SpA, founded in 1972, is an engineering company delivering bespoken handling, assembly and maintenance solutions in aeronautics, metals, railway-depot maintenance, nuclear-decommissioning, power generation markets. The various market-sectors are vertically integrated with in-house engineering and manufacturing skills.
Nowadays Bertolotti plays a leading role for railway workshop and depot equipment.

Bertolotti supplier V2 Consult


Founded in 1928, Sperry developed the first non-destructive method of detecting flaws in rail, setting the standard for industry inspection techniques.  Through continuous innovation and training, Sperry’s focus is Rail Health – maximizing flaw detection, productivity and safety, and helping clients eliminate the risk of derailments.
As the largest provider of rail flaw detection services in the world, Sperry maintains active relationships with many railways, from heavy haul networks to metropolitan systems, in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Sperry rail supplier V2 Consult

Sperry Rail (International)

Speno International specializes since 1960 in rail maintenance worldwide. The company’s activities include a full range of services from research and development through to the construction and operation of the machines needed for: grinding and re-profiling of tracks and points, and measuring rail surface faults and profiles. The company has two plants in Italy, namely Mecnafer in Mestre, for grinding trains and ASI in Marcon, for the production of grinding stones. Speno operates on all five continents, maintaining rails on lines used for all types of railways, including underground railways, tramways, heavy -haul trains and high-speed trains.

Speno International supplier V2 Consult

Speno International


We are proud to work for most track infrastructure managers and railway operator in the BENELUX including INFRABEL, NMBS/SNCB, MIVB/STIB, TEC, CFL and DE LIJN and many contractors active in the railway industry. We can provide you with a detailed reference list upon request.